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About us

We are a congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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Grace congregation is a caring family of Christian believers, reaching out to share God’s life-transforming grace with our community. We are called to minister to all of God’s children and share with them the message of God’s love and life-giving grace. Our mission statement, adopted in 1996, outlines this calling.

All are welcome here!

We are glad to be a member of and partner with the South Carolina Synod

Our Mission Statement

“As part of Christ’s universal church, we the people of Grace recognize ourselves as sinners who have been redeemed by a living and loving God. Washed in God’s grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are commissioned to be disciples of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, as a community of Christ’s disciples, our mission is:

  • to be faithful stewards of all God’s blessings;

  • to nurture faith in Christ through Word and Sacrament, worship and prayer;

  • to minister to all God’s children, meeting both spiritual and physical needs;

  • to use our resources as a center of activities through which others may experience God’s life-transforming grace.

*It is our pledge as God’s people to fulfill this call to mission, both in our daily lives and as a congregation under the direction of our council.

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